Lucie Cerna - Sami Siva

MASTER CLASS: Story telling and Editing

May 8th, 9th & 10th 2020  –   Tepla Monastery


We created a unique opportunity, a master class on editing process. As a photographer working on personal projects, you know how important it is to make impact on your audience; audience who are interested in listening to what do you want to convey.

We have designed a weekend master class for photographers who are in their intermediate level or above, to understand the process of editing images and prepare them to convey/develop an idea and tell the story. Our aim is to teach techniques that lead to a portfolio with strong projects.

During the weekend we will discuss:

  • How to develop an idea – research, storyboard, supporting materials etc.
  • Who is your audience
  • How to improve your storytelling skills
  • What images will work best together
  • How to see your work from distance – make a step back and get rid of images that you are emotionally attached to
  • Finishing a project
  • Why it is important to have text that best describes the project (even though a picture is worth thousand words)
  • How the editor sees your work
  • How to create proposals to show images in a gallery as well as to present them to editorial publications

Expect a lot of discussions over the weekend. Be prepared to participate.

Each participant is expected to bring the following:

  • A completed project with your final selection as well as a broad selection of images that you photographed
  • A project that is in progress
  • An idea / concept that you would like to present in a group (or individual consultation, if preferred)
  • Bring images on a computer or prints.

In essence this is not a seminar about taking photographs, it is to understand what kind of images work best in photo projects.

In order to provide most attention to individuals this master class is limited to maximum of 10 participants.


The workshop will take place in the Tepla monastery in Kralovy Vary region ( The 12thcentury monastery is located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by serene landscape.

In the recent years, the entire place has undergone a restoration. Various arts and cultural facilities, including a dark room for photography and an exhibition space, have been created. We want you to inspired and creative; therefore we have chosen this place that we felt would be ideal for such occasion.


Lucie Cerna is an award winning curator and publisher ( She curated and published Evokativ – photographs by Libuse Jarcovjakova between 1970 and 1989 in Prague. The guardian named the exhibition Evokativ, curated by Lucie, in Arles photo festival as the top international photography exhibition in 2019. And the book Evokativ is shortlisted on the Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation for the photo book of the year awards in 2019.

Sami Siva is a professional photographer who has extensive working knowledge of covering politics and post conflict situations in Indian sub continent, EU and in North America.  His work has appeared in numerous international publications (, and he is currently working on long-term projects in Central and Eastern Europe.


Friday May 8th

Arrive at the monastery in Tepla by 1500 hrs.

Orientation and tour of the place

Presentation – Introduction and what to expect during the weekend

Presentation by Lucie & Sami. Focus of this presentation will be on developing, idea, creating storyboard and target audience.


Informal presentation / Guest talk

Saturday May 9th

There will be two sessions during which each participant will present their images and story ideas to the group. During these sessions, we will focus on editing, sequencing and finishing the project.

Presentation – 1stsession

Lunch Break

Presentation – 2ndsession

One to one consultations


Informal presentation / Guest talk

Sunday May 10th

Presentation – Preparing images for galleries and submitting proposals (Lucie & Sami)



Medium of instruction: English & Czech


7500 CZK / 300 EUR (Includes shared accommodation and breakfast)
To register or enquiries email: